Photo news: Nkpolu residents beg for assistance as flood ransack community.

Residents of Nkpolu in Obio-Akpor Local government area of Rivers state have called for government’s assistance as persistent flooding threatens to disrupt lives and economic activities in the area.

Reacting after Wednesday’s heavy downpour that flooded the area and disrupted economic activities in the community, the residents said that each time it wants to rain, they get apprehensive as the community usually gets flooded leading to the destruction of properties.

A resident of the area who gave her name as Ihunwo told TPCN that the situation is a critical one and has led to mass migration of people from the community.

“House rent here is now the cheapest in Rivers State because of the flooding. Imagine sleeping and it begins to rain and you wake up scared because your house is going to be flooded. It is really embarrassing. This is our place and we can’t run away like others who are not indigenes.

“Government should really help us and do something about the flooding. It is no longer funny” she added.

Another resident of the community, Amadi, said that the flooding arose due to the greed of some members of the community who sold the land through which the water is channeled to the Rumuokoro canal.

Amadi said that in as much as the flood is unfortunate, the greed of some people led to it as the new owner of the land fenced off the water channel leading to the water not having any direction but rather circles in the community for days once it rains.

He added that the situation is going to get worse as July approaches.

The Wednesday’s downpour blocked the community’s section of the East-West Road, forcing commuters to use only one lane.

Traders who owned shops along the entrance to the community were seen standing inside the flood with some trying to manually evacuate their flooded shops as goods worth millions of naira were estimated to have been destroyed by the flood.

TPCN inquiries from the Obio-Akpor local government council officials to ascertain their plans for the people of the community were not immediately responded to.


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