The veteran actress, Ruth Kadiri, reveals that in other to sustain success in the Nollywood industry, film makers have to remain focused on the business.

In an interview video with BBC Pidgin shared on Kadiri’s Instagram page yesterday, she spoke about her views concerning her production and achieving long-term success.

She explained further on the implications of shortcomings for some of her colleagues who seek to follow the short way to make money.

While speaking, she noted that she was not concerned about competition on the YouTube page because there were a lot of opportunities on the platform.

“Personally, I don’t worry about competition, and I feel like, as filmmakers, we are at the forefront and we hustle.

“YouTube is an opportunity for a lot of filmmakers to make money, and that’s what’s happening now. Because YouTube is what is feeding people now.”

The mother of two spoke about how she manages her home and how she was lucky to marry a man who understands production.

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Why did I start uploading my movie to YouTube?

She went further to narrate that she wanted a platform where she could express herself, alleging that the film industry has rules and regulations that govern the industry.

However, the movie producer, whose YouTube page has about 2 million subscribers, stated that the idea was conceived as she went on vacation to birth her child after she became bored and stormed into YouTube.

Ruth Kadiri
Source: Instagram

Although during her disclosure, she noted that there were a lot of critics from people who even told her she would not make any money from YouTube.

Kadiri said, “I have been a producer for a long time, but there are too many rules and regulations during production.”

“So I called my team and told them that I wanted an opportunity to express myself. For instance, if I see something online, I want to learn it, and after learning, I want to upload it somewhere.

“When I travelled to give birth, I was bored and started watching a lot of musical videos and noticed that some people put their films on YouTube.

I told myself that I’ll come back to try it. Some people discouraged me and told me that there was no money in it. But because I needed a platform to express myself and tell my stories, I decided to try it.

“I told my team that we should shoot, and if the film is not good enough, we will learn and use it as a learning process.

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