IAS Advertised on NTA Claims to Crash, Leaving Users Stranded

Integral Ad Science (IAS), an investment platform advertised on the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) on March 20, 2024, has reportedly crashed, leaving users unable to access the website.

The televised program claimed that IAS had been operating for over a decade, was ranked among the top 1000 multinational enterprises, and had a revenue of $408 million. A physical branch in Mararaba, Abuja, also opened on the same day.

During the branch opening, one of the local supervisors Mr. AbdulAziz Yusuf shared his positive experience with IAS, saying, “I have earned up to four hundred and fifty thousand Naira; last week I withdrew two hundred and thirty-four thousand Naira. I have registered my wife as an IAS member, and I have twenty people under me so far.”

Another local director, Zianab Shehu, highlighted the necessary tools a user must have before joining the platform, stating, “With your gadgets, most importantly your phone, laptop, and data, you don’t need more than this. You don’t need a certificate.”

“How does one get on board? I just sent a link to you; you download the link and complete your registration. Your phone number is your identification.”

How IAS Platform Works

IAS operated with various levels, requiring a security deposit for each level to access a specific package paid for. It is said that it has packages from Job 1 to Job 10.

Once payment was made, users were paired with a group for communication with a manager.

However, on May 14, 2024, the system allegedly crashed, just two months after the Abuja branch’s establishment.

In an interview, one of the administrators, HNY, described the situation as unfortunate, admitting he had joined the IAS platform on December 10, 2023. He revealed that he took a loan from the bank and registered close to 500 people. His primary concern now is repaying the financial institution.

“I took money from loan apps, about N600,000. I am more in pain and shock than people could imagine. The people who made us admins are nowhere to be found. We don’t know them in person, the way you came in as an employee, that was how we came in. Because of her activeness in the group, Eva Pullman, one of the managers, made us admins.”

HNY tried to contact Eva Pullman, but she insisted it was against their policy to take calls, and communication should only be through chats.

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Users Reactions

Many alleged that the NTA advertisement sparked their interest in joining IAS and reaping its benefits.

Vivian Sermon said, “And to think it was advertised through NTA. I saw the advert on NTA then. I was having doubts, but I decided to try.”

Another user, Merit Sunshine, who invested her school fees, pleaded for the system to be restored.

“Please, oh, I used my school fees to invest in this. Please, I am begging. Don’t scam me, please. Please, I am begging IAS,” she wrote.

Queen Daniel, another victim, noted, “I borrowed money to do IAS; I have not withdrawn my money, not even once, for the past three weeks. It is well.”

When a reporter called the phone number displaced on the banner captured on the NTA publication, Truecaller identified a name as Zinab Shehu, and said, she was just an employee like others who might have registered as well.

Shehu responded with “Well what you see is what we have seen there is nothing special I am an employee like you too. So your server is down my own is down too. Nobody to ask, that is just it. “

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