Nigerian music producer Samklef has voiced strong disapproval over Davido’s decision to invite the controversial social media figure, Verydarkman, to his wedding. Verydarkman, whose real name is Martins Vincent Otse, has a contentious reputation and was reportedly involved in a viral incident during the wedding festivities, which Samklef claims disrupted the event’s intended celebratory mood. According to Samklef, Verydarkman’s behavior overshadowed what was meant to be a week-long celebration, casting a negative light on the occasion.

Samklef’s criticism extends beyond the wedding incident. He labeled Verydarkman as “dirty” and inappropriate for high-profile events, suggesting that his presence brought unnecessary negativity. Samklef also contrasted this situation with how Wizkid, another prominent Nigerian artist, would handle similar circumstances, stating that such disruptions would never be tolerated at Wizkid’s events.

Further complicating matters, Samklef warned Davido to distance himself from Verydarkman’s ongoing legal troubles. Verydarkman had previously been arrested for alleged cyberbullying, adding to his controversial image. Samklef reminded Davido of past incidents where his involvement in legal matters led to significant controversies and financial setbacks. For instance, Davido’s previous use of police interventions in disputes resulted in a substantial financial payout to Pinnick, a reminder of the potential reputational risks involved.

This situation underscores the complex dynamics within the Nigerian entertainment industry, where personal and professional actions are subject to public scrutiny and can lead to significant backlash. Samklef’s remarks reflect broader concerns about maintaining a positive public image and the consequences of associating with controversial figures. This episode illustrates the delicate balance celebrities must navigate in their personal and public lives to sustain their reputations and careers.





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