16 gorgeous mixed Ankara print styles that you should try

Florence Uwaeme

Now that our very own Ankara queen, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has advised us all should proudly wear the Ankara fabric without hesitation, as it is a sign of identifying with our African roots and portraying our rich cultural heritage.

And because we always have your best interest at heart, especially when it comes to fashion, we have curated these 16 gorgeous mixed Ankara print styles for you.

These 16 gorgeous mixed Ankara print styles are all shades of awesomeness and we want to share them with you.

Ankara fabrics are one of the most beautiful fabrics to grace the fashion world in Africa because there is absolutely nothing that cannot be sown with the Ankara fabric.

Mixed Ankara fabrics became a thing after fashion stars were seen decked in them and they looked even more beautiful.

There were times when Ankara wearers were considered to be lacking in style because most of the things sewn with the Ankara fabric then were mainly unfashionable skirts and blouses that were never made to fit.

In this article, whatever your style is, you surely will see a style that will suit you. Ankara jumpsuits are one of the best things to happen to the Ankara fabric after going mainstream. A patterned Ankara jumpsuit – whether sown to fit or free size, with wide-leg or tight leg, does not only make the wearer stand out, it also gives the spectators a memorable gaze to behold.

Mixed Ankara shift dresses are another sight made for sore eyes as they don’t just give you enough room to breathe, they also give off a certain level of boogie especially when paired with a sneaker.

Ever seen mixed Ankara wide-leg pants before? This pair of pants is one of the best ways to rock your Ankara if you are a pant lover. If skirts are your thing, then be ready to stun in those skirts. Be it a long, short, or midi skirt, you can never go wrong with a mixed Ankara style.

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Mixed Ankara gowns -long, short, or whatever dorm they come are perfect beauties to try any day.

Now that you can pull any stunt with the Ankara material in whatever way that pleases you and be looked upon with admiration, why not try out some of the 16 mixed Ankara print styles listed below.