Bayelsans protest against David Lyon, Agip Oil Company

The people of Egbomotoru Community in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area Of Bayelsa State came out en mass to protest against Nigerian Agip Company for neglecting them for decades.

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The people noted that their community is one of Bayelsa State communities with oil facilities yet no development has come to them. They said their main livelihood sources which are farming and fishing, have been affected by severe oil spillage.

They lamented the hardship and sufferings caused by the oil spillage, which has destroyed both Agriculture and aquatic life and issued a warning to Agip to either fix their mess or take their pipeline out of Igbomotoru Community.

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The angry protesters also castigated former Bayelsa State Governorship candidate, David Lyon for sidelining them.

They, however, called on the Nigerian Agip company to allow them to take charge of the pipeline surveillance job.

According to an angry protester, Egbomotoru has lost so many Youths as a result of the issue.

He said Chief David Lyon, who is in charge of the surveillance, has not in any way visited the community or identified with them.

According to them, in 1971, Agip had a memorandum of understanding with the Community, but to date, no development has come to the Community, and they are struggling to feed because their only sources of livelihood hav been destroyed by the activities of the oil exploration Company