Nigerians despise nepotism only when they don’t benefit from it – Mr Macaroni

Nigerian social media content creator and activist Adebola Adebayo, popularly called Mr Macaroni, has taken to the bird app to share his thought on Nigerians whose crave for power and opportunities benefit from some of the negative qualities that they berate politicians for.

Mr Macaroni, in a lengthy Twitter thread, stated that most Nigerians will refuse to fight corruption and would openly endorse nepotism (the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs) should they hold political power. He also stated that some Nigerians only hate corruption, nepotism, impunity and bad governance when they don’t benefit from it.

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Here’s what he said;

“I see now that some of us only hate corruption, nepotism, impunity and bad governance because we do not benefit from it. Once we do, corruption is no longer black and white. It is colour grey. We give corruption a new name and we even justify it.

“I have had conversations with some people who strongly opine that Nigeria can never be better. And they say this with all conviction.. trust me to argue with all my strength and might that Nigeria will be better!! However, it seems we are caught up in one big circle.

“A friend said to me ‘Debo this one wey u dey do Na your business o… if I enter government like this, me sef go chop national cake’, I was weak!! Because I know a lot of youths have this mindset. To some, Nigeria don spoil finish. Make we sef go chop our own.. is this the way?

“Everyone has a right to associate with whatever political party they so desire. But when it comes to good governance, accountability, integrity and service to the people for a better Nation, we should never compromise on that! Never!!!

“The way things are in Nigeria, our focus should be coming together to hold government accountable and making sure they do better. We as citizens must also not be found wanting because he who seeks equity must come with clean hands. Party loyalty should not lead to recklessness.

“2023 is almost here and politicians would use us against us!!! They have started work already. From celebrities to social media influencers, to the kings of the streets, to the religious leaders… it’s one Big Giant Cartel!!! If we can’t evolve into a force, we become pawns!!