Worgu Boms bombs Amaechi, says Rivers APC is the unluckiest in leadership

Worgu Boms

Rivers APC would have been great but for the leadership hobbling it!

Our party, APC Rivers, is the Unluckiest in terms of leadership, in the comity of state chapters of APC in Nigeria. My Personal view with facts.

In other climes, when there’s serial group failure (a political party, a football team, a club etc), the leadership resigns. But in APC Rivers, following serial failures, they are asking individual members to resign, not the leader who has led the failures!

As black people, let’s continue to reflect on whether we are truly part of the global world order of how things are done

In other climes, when a leader fails serially to deliver, he is branded incompetent or unsuitable. In APC Rivers, they say such leader has God’s grace and that no one can pull him down! As black people, has it not occurred to you that this mindset is the reason for our perpetual backwardness?

Elsewhere, when a group fails, the leader accepts responsibility. Here in APC Rivers, each of the series of failures is never blamed on the failure of leadership, rather, it’s on others.
The leader takes not a shred of blame!

Are you still wondering why Black people, on any index of measurement, comes last on world matters?
This mindset is responsible!

Elsewhere, people, when they fail, hold Frank meetings to find out what happened and why they failed. In APC Rivers, after each failure, everyone keeps quiet, finally moves on as if nothing happened! People who don’t have shame are more dangerous than people who are wicked.

The APC had Local Government officials installed, but later sacked by the Court. The sacked officials went to Court. They were still in Court when the leader of the party announced that when another party, the AAC, which the leader had started supporting and sponsoring wins, that there would be Local Government elections in few months thereafter!
In other words, the sacking of the LGA officials and their efforts in Court, didn’t matter.

And it turned out that the new bride party that the Minister was sponsoring, lost. We now return to the same matter in Court whose pendency, the leader didn’t care to reckon with when he announced new elections despite its pendency. That matter, was subsequently struck out.
The affected officials lost. The APC, under the same leadership lost!

Another effort, by other young members of the party, the same party the Minister leads, commenced.
The young party members took their own Monies, and purchased forms to participate in the April LGA Elections.
This is not the same as the APC Rivers forms that they paid for and which the leader inspired their denial despite taking their monies.
This is a state wide Government affair.

The party didn’t give them money.
The leader did not give them money.
They are party members.
They obtained the forms and commenced the process of participation in the forthcoming LGA election. And suddenly, we begin to hear that the party, under the same leader, has written, disavowing the participation of the members of the party in the LGA Elections!

Moves are on, horse trading on, to see to the truncation of the participation of the young men of APC Rivers in the LGA Elections. If they succeed, what we will now have, indubitably, is this:

  1. The party under the same leader, could not sustain the Installation of the already installed LGA officials under the party, APC Rivers leading to the officials’ sack in the first place, by Akambi J.

  2. The leader could not put in place the LGA Elections he promised would hold immediately after AAC victory for obvious reasons.

  3. The party, under the same leader, could not sustain judicial resistance to the sacking of the LGA officials, leading to the striking out of the matter last week.

  4. Should they succeed in their bid to stop this latest effort at participating, the party, under the same leadership, then there’s absolutely nothing there in the LGA for the APC Rivers except absolute failure in that respect.

So, you did support the court case.
You wanted a new Election which you promised but couldn’t bring it about.
The new efforts by members of the party to participate in the forthcoming LGA election, you are struggling to abort. So, what kind of party and what kind of leadership is that?

That’s why APC Rivers is the Unluckiest, in terms of leadership, of all the other APC state chapters in Nigeria!

So, all we have is APC Rivers, devoted to discussing and analysing railways, discussing and denying yet to be publicly announced presidential ambitions. APC Rivers, certainly, can do better, far better than that.

We continue to pretend, we continue to sink, politically! And continue to look for who to blame while others, to whom we hand in victory on a platter of gold due to our indiscretion, continue to shine while we irresponsibly continue to deny the reality!

Nothing will help us than objectivity.
Grandstanding and threats have already long failed us as have promises. The only thing remaining is to face reality!

“Facts are sacred
Comments are free”