Members of National Assembly sabotaging NDDC – Briggs

A Niger Delta environmental and human rights activist, Ms Ankio Briggs, has called for attitudinal change toward the running of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

She described the attitude of most indigenes of the region toward the activities of the commission as “very bad”, and called for a positive change towards the commission for the development of the region.

She alleged that some members of the National Assembly from the region were sabotaging the activities of the NDDC, adding that a particular name has come up over and over again for allegedly collecting so many contracts.

Briggs spoke when the Sole Administrator of the commission, Mr Effiong Akwa made a courtesy visit at her residence on Friday in Port Harcourt.

She said “Politicians should not trade with the NDDC Act; situations, where one politician from Bayelsa is ready to trade a position that should go to Delta in return for Delta taking a position that is meant for Bayelsa, should not be like that.

“If it is meant for Bayelsa, it must go to Bayelsa, whatever is meant for Delta should go to Delta; after all, the last Managing Director is from Akwa Ibam and we were not seen fighting him.

“This new attitude that is manipulating our people, we have to stop it, it won’t get us anywhere, it will get us absolutely nowhere,” she said.

She, however, opposed calls from some quarters for the transfer of NDDC which is under the supervision of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs to the presidency.

According to her, it was wise for the ministry and the commission to work in synergy for the common interests of the people of the region.

“If we know what we are doing as people of the Niger Delta region, it is for the NDDC to work with the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs.

“What is of the best interests of the Niger Delta people and the development of the region is what we want. “How the funds that is coming to the NDDC is utilised for the betterment of the region is what we are looking for,”