Top seven slangs/ catchphrases of 2020

Florence Uwaeme

2020 is a year we all wouldn’t be forgetting in a hurry, the year came laden with so much more than we ever expected.
Although the year will be remembered more for the fears, negativity, and uncertainties it brought along, you’ll agree with me that we still had fun regardless.
Nigerians are a special breed of human that always find humorous ways to ease their pain. Despite all that we encountered, the Nigerian social media space buzzed with new slang catchphrases that made our convos lit.
1. Soro soke
Soro soke is the Yoruba language which means to “speak louder/speak up”. This slang came to be during the #ENDSARS protest in October. Soro some is mostly used when
2. Honourable off your mike
Used when someone is saying something that makes you uncomfortable or something you don’t want other people to hear about.
This slang came to be when the Nigerian National assembly was questioning the NDDC team for misappropriation of funds.
3. Werey dey disguise
“Werey” is a Yoruba word that means “madman/woman”. it is mostly used when someone is two-faced; when what you do/say appear to be contradictory most of the time, you simply are a ‘werey wey set disguise’.
A woman who comes online to berate child labour but goes ahead to hire a child is a perfect example of the above slang.
4. E shock you?
‘E shock you’ is a question asked in expressions of shock and lack of words to express yourself. Made popular by Daddy Shaggy, a popular Instagram influencer.
5. Wahala be like bicycle, e no dey hard to start
This one is us mostly used when trouble is brewing.
There are other ways to say this as well. You can say, wahala be like bicycle, e no need fuel to start.
6. Always resist the urge to shalaye
‘Shalaye’ is a Yoruba word that means to explain.
In Nigeria, you’re asked to resist the urge to explain yourself because no matter how hard you try, someone might misconstrue you.
7. Nwa oma osiso
This slang is popular amongst the Southeastern part of Nigeria. ‘Nwa oma’ in Igbo language means ‘fine person’.
When someone calls you ‘nwa oma osiso’, the person wants you to feel good about yourself.