Trolls berate Linda Ikeji for celebrating 40th birthday with 85 designer shoes

Florence Uwaeme

Today, the queen of blogging in Nigeria, the self-acclaimed billionaire blogger, Linda Ikeji turns 40 and in celebration. She decided to celebrate herself with new designer shoes. On her Instagram page, she posted the pictures of herself and her latest acquired luxury shoes and some trolls wouldn’t have it.

The caption on her page reads; “OK, let’s do this. Hehe. Surrounded by my birthday present from myself to myself. I was going to buy 40 designer shoes to celebrate turning 40 and then I started shopping and couldn’t stop. Too many beautiful shoes to select from so I ended up buying 85 pairs… (80 in the pictures, 5 on the way). And yes, I bought all of them at the same gaddam time! Who does that? Me, that’s who! I am so grateful, so thankful, so happy! Happy birthday to me…”

Trust the “vanity upon vanity” crop of Nigerians who are bent on advising people on how to spend their hard-earned money to be on her comment section doing the most.

While well-wishers congratulated her on her new age, these trolls had nothing good to say to her. They blamed her for neglecting the poor and wasting money on vanity. The audacity of trolls!

One said “Ignorance! Why displaying this level of vanity in a country ravished by poverty? What sort of message does this send out?” My question to this troll is this, was it Linda Ikeji that made this country the mess that it is now? Is she a government official? Or does she owe you money? This commenter seriously needs a crash course on ‘how to mind your business’.

One went on to suggest that she is suffering from depression. She said: “this is an obvious sign of depression”.

Another suggested she helps the less privilege instead of indulging in frivolous buying. “Please give something to charity, people are hungry in Nigeria”.

Recall that two days ago, Linda Ikeji celebrated her son’s second birthday with adorable pictures.

I suggest people (poor people especially) should mind their business and leave others to spend their money however they deem fit.