Video: Watch as kidnappers disguised as police officers tried to abduct businessman in PH

Suspected kidnappers disguised as plainclothes policemen failed in their bid to abduct a businessman in Port Harcourt.

The businessman (name withheld) said the three suspected kidnappers tried to force him into a private car and whisk him away, without any cause.

A video of the altercation was posted by the radio broadcaster, Kofi Bartels on Wednesday.

Bartels quoted the man as saying he was on his way to his “neighbour’s place when a red Camry with tinted windows stopped by my side.

“Three men alighted and said the Commissioner of Police wanted to see me at his office. Surprised, I told them to provide means of identification, an invitation letter and an official vehicle.

“They said that the C.P. doesn’t need to give a letter of invitation to see anyone, a position which I objected to. At this point, they wanted to force me into the red Camry with tinted windows and a scuffle ensued but I had called Elekahia police station before now.

“I also asked my staff to start recording the incident on their mobile phones. My refusal to go with them threw them off guard as can be seen on their faces. It turned out to be a failed abduction.

“I’m in discussions with my legal colleagues on the next legal steps to take in reaction to this unwarranted invasion of my space. In the struggle that ensued during the incident off camera, one of my staff was seriously manhandled”, he said.