Video: I’m not a ritualist – Kanayo O Kanayo


Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanayo has gone after trolls who always accuse him of being a ritualist in the comment section of his posts.

The popular actor who recently took part in the trending #dontleaveme challenge got really angry after some rumbustious Nigerians trolled him for being a ritualist, neglecting the challenge itself.

After sharing a video of his own challenge, trolls took to the comment section to beg him not to use his hypeman for rituals.

Some asked the hypeman to run away from him before Kanayo turns him to ‘yam’.

Reacting to this, Kanayo called them distractions and urged them to use themselves for the rituals, as such people don’t contribute anything to followership, all they do is to distract other people.

He then begged his true fans to stop listening to distractors and learn to always focus on the main message in a post rather than listen to the words of trolls.