Vigilante raid criminal hideouts in Bayelsa


The Bayelsa State Vigilante Volunteer and anti-cult group on Tuesday raided several criminal hideouts in the state capital and apprehend over 10 suspected cultists.

The raid follows several cult-related killings in the state, especially the Monday’s killing of 3 persons at a pub in Yenagoa.

Areas touched during the raid which lasted for hours include Okutukutu and Tombia axis of the state.

At Tombia axis, a shop was raided where over 10 persons made up of 7 teenage girls and 3 boys were apprehended for being in possession of illicit drugs, marijuana and charms.

At the Bozi water axis of Tombia, an uncompleted building which harbours suspected criminals was raided, and foam, a bullet, hard drugs and clothes suspected to belongs to the criminals and cultist were recovered.

The Chairmen of the security outfit, Hon. Doubiye Alagba said the raid was part of the outfit’s plan to ensure that Bayelsa is rid of criminals, drugs peddlers and cult-related activities.

He added that the state government has given different youth group opportunities to embrace peace and turn a new leaf, adding that anyone or cult-related groups that decide not to embrace peace will be brought to book and dealt with accordingly.