Helmet that detects coronavirus emerges

World Security, the security solutions provider of DP World, has unveiled a new “Smart Helmet” designed to make contactless detection of people potentially infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“The new Smart Helmet will help ease the movement of traffic in areas where it operates while ensuring the highest levels of safety and security,” according to a statement on Emirates News Agency (WAM).

According to the designers of the helmet, the new tool is designed to work in a contactless manner to record body temperature both in rapid screenings of people indoors and outdoors. It can also work on the screening of vehicles and passengers and be used for rapid face recognition and identity verification.

“With the reopening of the economy, we have now entered a new phase where monitoring public places for potential infection has become imperative. By introducing this technology at a time when the fight against the pandemic is in full swing, World Security has reaffirmed its commitment to keeping the community secure,” said Mohammed al-Muallem, CEO and Managing Director, DP World, UAE Region.

“As the frontline economic growth engine, DP World, UAE Region, and its businesses are strictly adhering to the COVID-19 containment program requirements, and we’re constantly working towards introducing such new and effective measures to ensure business continuity,” al-Muallem added.