Stop wearing chiffon if You’re pregnant, sweaty, like going ant-less or have body odour

Florence Uwaeme

If you are a regular Instagram user in the city of Port Harcourt and you judiciously follow the PH tribe, there is no way you wouldn’t have come across this hilariously bold and intelligent storyteller of a lady. The way she relays her daily encounters will surely crack you up.

Today, her post on Instagram is about ladies with body odor. She said “ As always, I stand to be corrected, I am not a reservoir of knowledge, but I come to you with that truth that nobody will tell you. Let me explain it in simple terms. I know when you wear your Chiffon fabrics, they look beautiful, the way it shimmers, falls and makes plus-sized women look slimmer is cute and doesn’t add bulk like cotton does. But we live in the tropics here and our weather here is like we are rehearsing for hell, so the fabrics don’t breathe or allow air go through.

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She went ahead to explain why it is not ideal for people who seldom wear underwear or don’t use perfume.

She said“It traps every scent and smell and retains. If you use to perform, it traps it in for a long time. And if you don’t use any, it traps your body scent. This is even worse for people who seldom wear underwear. Vagina secretions get on the dress and remain there. Vaginal juice will latch on the fabric and remain there the whole day.

She said it is even worse when you’re pregnant because pregnant women secretes more than normal. She advised that any one that must wear Chiffon fabric should ensure they wear good performs.

Chiffon are good fabrics that rarely fade but wearing it always in this our weather isn’t advisable to say the least