Catholic priest ordained after the death of his wife turns 100.


Don Probo Vaccarini, a Catholic priest ordained at the age of 69 after the death of his wife has turned 100 years of age.

Vaccarini and his wife had 7 children and his four sons all became priests too.

The Catholic priest, Don Probo Vaccarini, celebrated his 100th birthday on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 in Rimini, Italy.

As a widower and with the encouragement of his family he earned a second degree in theology and received at the age of 69 ordination to the priesthood.

Hee has worked as a pastor since then, in San Martino in Venti, a small rural community near the Adriatic Sea.

The online portal,”Newsrimini” (Sunday) reported that he celebrated a solemn Mass with Bishop Francesco Lambiasi in the Cathedral of Rimini.

Born on June 4, 1919, Vaccarini had initially taken the profession of surveyor after his participation in the Russian campaign in the Second World War.

From his marriage with his wife Anna Maria three daughters and four sons were born; all the male sons also entered the priesthood.

Following the death of his wife, Vaccarini, the devotee of the Italian popular saint, Padre Pio, became increasingly involved in the Church. Encouraged by his sons, he was ordained a priest himself in May 1988.