Seven foods women should avoid during menstruation

Nkechi Uduma

When it comes to period cramps, women right from the tender age of 12 and above have the knowledge and understanding that sugar is the main enemy that causes cramps, therefore, they try to avoid it as much as possible to avoid intense cramps when its that time of the month.

To a large extent, this is true because blood sugar is like a roller coaster during menstruation, so by consuming more of the sweetener, you’re only adding fuel to the fire by letting blood sugar levels rise and drop drastically. “On top of that, sugar is inflammatory and has a tendency to increase cramping.

If you’re having an insatiable craving for something sweet, try eating some natural sugars such as figs or dates, which keep your blood sugar levels more stable.

Despite this,sugary foods are not the only consumables to be avoided in order not to feel pains during one’s menstrual period, other foods that every woman within the menstruating age should avoid include the following;


According to a health expert, Dr. Bethany Wheeler, the negative effect of salty foods during menstrual period is bloating and lack of water retention and the only way such problem can be alleviated is by reducing the intake of sodium into the system.

High-sodium foods can increase already existing bloating and discomfort, so try to stay away from foods like chips, french fries, and canned foods.


Just like salty foods, caffeine can also increase bloating and discomfort during a woman’s menstrual cycle. So, to boost your energy during this period, it is advisable to drink herbal tea so as to cleanse the system and aid free flow of the damaged blood out of the system.


According to another health expert, Dr. Shemek, many heavy meats are high in saturated fats, which can worsen period pains.
This fat contains arachidonic acid, which produces prostaglandins that can cause uterine contractions and cramping, Eating a diet high in saturated fat during the first few days of your period can lead to bloating, breast tenderness and breakouts.


Trans fats, also known as hydrogenated oils, are found in junk foods such as french fries, packaged foods and desserts, and they can worsen your period symptoms. These detrimental fats cause inflammation in the body, and can worsen pains you already experience while menstruating.


Surprisingly, white grains such as rice, flour and others can intensify period pains. This is because refined grains like white
and flour have a similar effect to sugar, as they can cause a drastic spike and drop in blood sugar because their nutrients have been removed.


Not only will dairy worsen your bloating, but it can also exacerbate cramping. Foods like milk, cheese, and ice cream contain arachidonic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid which can increase inflammation and can cause cramping.



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