Renowned Nigerian singer Simi has recently advocated for men to embrace and express their emotions openly.

In a candid interview on the 90’s Baby Show, she shared her perspective on the importance of emotional vulnerability for men, challenging long-held societal norms that often force men to suppress their feelings.

Simi revealed that she finds immense joy in witnessing men who are unafraid to show their emotions.

She described it as a beautiful sight when men allow themselves to cry and express their feelings, rather than bottling them up. “I find it beautiful when men cry because I’m surrounded by many men who feel they have to be macho or strong all the time,” Simi stated.

She went into the societal pressures that demand men maintain a mask of strength, especially in challenging times, saying that men often feel the need to be the unyielding support for their families, carrying a strong appearance and aura to cope with difficulties.

However, Simi argued that true strength lies in the ability to be vulnerable and to cry when necessary. “When you see men and women going through the same pain, the man often says, ‘I have to be strong for my wife or kids.’ I think that’s okay, but I don’t think strength means not being vulnerable or crying,” she explained.

Simi emphasized that showing emotion is a sign of feeling safe with one’s surroundings and being comfortable enough to let go. She listed the traditional roles that African men often take on—as warriors, protectors, and providers—which can lead to suppressing their emotions. “I like it when men cry because it means that you feel safe with who you are with, you can be vulnerable, and you can let go.

“I have seen African men act like they are the warrior, protector, and provider. But if it’s not coming out in your tears, it’s going inside your heart, and one day you are just going to explode,” she noted.

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