In the dynamic and evolving economy of Nigeria, a notable shift is occurring among men in their approach to financial interactions with women.

Increasingly, men are becoming more vigilant, seeking to counter the growing trend where women expect monetary compensation for even the simplest interactions. This awareness is not only a response to personal experiences but is also echoed by public figures who are vocal about these societal changes.

Public figure, musician, and entertainer, Paul Okoye, famously known as Rudeboy, who forms one-half of the celebrated musical duo PSquare, has taken to social media to express his concerns and offer advice to his fellow men.

He urges them to strive for financial independence and to consider the benefits of marrying financially stable women once they have achieved their economic goals.

This comes as a reaction to the increasing financial demands that women are placing on men before committing to relationships or marriage, and he finds this trend alarming and believes it puts undue pressure on men who are still in the process of building their finances..

His perspective is that the societal expectation for men to be the sole providers needs to be challenged and redefined.

Rudeboy voiced out his thoughts on this issue, via a post on his Instagram account. In his own words, he stated, “The rate at which they keep saying men must be this financially, money bla bla bla before getting married or into a relationship is alarming.

”Dear kings, change the narrative, chase money, make money, and look for a rich girl. Make everybody go hustle.”

According to him, men should focus on their personal financial growth and seek partners who are also financially independent. This, he believes, would not only remove the financial strain on men but also promote a more balanced and equitable approach to relationships.

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