The Rivers State House of Assembly, led by Speaker Martin Amaewhule, has approved a bill to amend the Rivers State Education (Return of Schools) Law No. 1 of 2005. This significant decision was made during the second legislative session of the tenth Assembly on Tuesday.

Purpose of the Amendment

The primary goal of the amendment is to update the state’s education sector, making it more suitable for current needs and standards. During the debate on the Report of the House Committee on Education, lawmakers emphasized the importance of the government reclaiming control of schools for more effective management. They highlighted the need to address the educational needs of girls in the Asari Toru Local Government Area and beyond, stating that it would promote girls’ education and empowerment in the region.

Support and Praise

House Speaker Amaewhule praised Tekenari Granville, the bill’s sponsor and a member representing Asari-Toru State Constituency II.

Commenting on the report, Amaewhule stated, “The intent behind the legislation is commendable.” He further explained, “The Bill aims to correct a historical mistake by reclaiming Kalabari Girls High School, Buguma from the church and returning it to government control, ensuring more effective management and better educational outcomes for the students.”

Amaewhule added, saying, “The objective of the bill is to enable the government to assume administrative control of the school, ensuring it fulfills its intended purpose.”

Legislative Process

Following standard procedures, the House transformed into a Committee of the Whole to meticulously review the bill’s clauses. After thorough deliberation, the House reverted to plenary and subsequently passed the bill.

Background and Context

This session marked the second time the House convened following a Court of Appeal judgment affirming the 27 lawmakers as members of the Assembly. On the same day, 16 political parties expressed their interest in participating in upcoming local government elections.

Remarks on Governance

Shortly after, Governor Fubara, speaking at the inauguration of Emmanuel Onengiye-ofori Frank-Fubara as Commissioner for Finance, commended the Assembly for its support and effective functioning.

He urged the new commissioner to use his position to positively impact lives and uphold the state’s interests.

“It doesn’t matter how long or short I have known him. But within the short period of knowing him, he has proven himself to be a gentleman.

“So, Mr. Frank, this honor that God has given to you today, it is not for you to wear one big cap and put one rottweiler in front of your gate, no. Use the opportunity to touch lives.

“But, above all, make the State proud. Work in a manner that you’ve not worked before. Defend the interest of the State. That is what is important, and not to praise me. No. Don’t praise me,” Fubara said.

He emphasized his administration’s commitment to delivering quality developmental projects that will benefit the people of Rivers State.

“By the special grace of God, when we leave, there should be genuine positive things that people will see and say, yes, this government meant well for the good people of Rivers State,” he added.

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