Obidients, formed coalition committee ahead of 2027 elections

Supporters of former Anambra governor Peter, known as Obidient, in order to unite their interests and position them for more demonstration in the 2027 presidential election Obi created the Harmony Committee to promote peace, unity, and reconciliation among natives. The committee was launched last week in the nation’s capital, Abuja, with representatives from six geographical regions across the country to ensure it reaches the nation and makes an impact.

Committee members include people from different backgrounds and geographies, with diverse perspectives and experiences. Comrade Joseph Enan Maigari, Chairman of the Committee, while stressing the importance of governance of the Committee, said Nigeria is a nation wounded by the failures of past and present leaders. He said the commission’s mandate is flexible and the country will see great results in the coming years. Maigari also emphasized the need for forgiveness and healing, saying the work of the committee is not only for the group but for all Nigerians.

He called on Nigerians from all walks of life to support the mission of the Commission, assuring that the country’s freedom and justice are at stake. Maigari said: “No matter where you are, we are a people who have suffered the failures of past and present leaders. We are all in places where we need healing. There is no difference between the people on our team. We ourselves must forgive and forgive ourselves so that we can fight against the oppressors who have held this country captive since 1960.”Everyone knows that we have been given We have a great mission that determines work and success. And the results will be huge for our country and our people for years to come.

We are entering into a process of national redemption through repentance and forgiveness, you need to know who you are forgiving and why truth is the basis of all these activities.”But in the end, we enter into something very spiritual, very human. That’s why I sent it to all our people. This is not the work of a committee or group. We are all in it. Muslims and Christians, North and South, we are this rainbow nation of God.“Miracles must continue. Freedom and justice must be a reality for all our people, and we have the right to help people heal the wounds of the past, move beyond alienation and hatred forward, close the door to the past, and focus on the past.

Our glorious future.The members of the commission: From the Northeast: Joseph Enan Maigari, Excellency. A.S. Doctor Yawe Jinadu, Friend Zanna Ali Haruna, Doctor Yawe Jinadu, Friend Zanna Ali Haruna. Camping park. From the north: Khalifa Sharif Anta, Alhaji Usman Graham, Abubakar Yawale, and Ms. Deborah Bwala – first name. In North Central: Sheikh Rufai Al-siddiq (PRO), DIG Lawal Gambo (Rtd.), Iortyom Kenneth Terhemba, and Caleb Audu (deputy ministers).Above: Chief Ephraim Etete-Owoh, Hoa Gometi Crested; Chinello Onwusi (Secretary). Speakers: Mmaduabuchi Chekwubechukwu (Mobilization), Dr. Chibuzor Obiesili and the Enx. John Iuchukwu. Water in Tonga-Mauru: Adeyeye Tosin (ICT Minister), Odusote Emmanuel, Kolade Gbolagade and Hon. Prince Austin Yonunren

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