The National Democratic Front has praised the House of Representatives for advancing a bill to amend the Nigeria Police Act of 2020. In a statement from its Secretary General, Dr. Abdulkadir Musa, the group described the bill as a crucial step towards creating a more community-oriented policing system in the country.

The Police Act Amendment Bill recently passed its second reading in the House. The proposed changes aim to extend the service years of police officers to enhance the experience and expertise within the force. Additionally, the bill seeks to reduce training and recruitment costs and address the shortage of experienced personnel.

Dr. Musa emphasized that the legislation will improve the Nigerian Police Force’s (NPF) effectiveness and overall performance. “This amendment bill, which aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the NPF, represents a significant milestone towards achieving a more robust, responsive, and community-friendly policing system in Nigeria,” Musa stated.

The bill’s provisions include extending the retirement age and service years for police officers, which is expected to boost morale, retain experienced personnel, and improve the Force’s overall performance. Musa commended Speaker Tajudeen Abbas and Representative Yalleman for their commitment to security sector reform and responsiveness to Nigerians’ demands for a more effective and accountable police force. “This reflects their dedication to fostering excellence, professionalism, and service delivery in our security agencies,” he added.

The National Democratic Front also urged the Senate to agree with the House of Representatives and called on President Bola Tinubu to promptly sign the bill into law.

The bill represents a significant effort to address several key issues within the Nigerian Police Force. By extending the service years of police officers, the bill aims to leverage the experience and expertise of veteran officers, thus enhancing the overall capability of the force. The reduction in training and recruitment costs is another critical component, aiming to make the process more efficient and less burdensome on resources.

Musa highlighted that the amendment would not only bolster the effectiveness of the NPF but also improve the morale and retention of experienced officers, which are essential for maintaining a high standard of policing. The bill’s focus on these areas is seen as a direct response to public calls for a more effective and accountable police force.

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