Motor union blames drivers over tanker explosion on Eleme Eastwest Road

By Mark Lenu


The recent road accident on the Eleme axis of the East-West Road that claimed many lives has been blamed on the unprofessionalism of the drivers.

It was reported that a laden tanker collided with another vehicle at the Akpajo axis of the East-West Road within the Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State. The incident resulted in an explosion whose flames burnt several cars and killed some persons.

Narrating what might be the cause of the accident to our correspondent, the Chairman, the Urban Drivers Welfare Association, Comrade Lekia Isaac urged the government to speed up the ongoing construction on the road.

According to Isaac: “It is true that we had that tragic and fatal accident. What I gathered from sources was that there was a collision between a tanker and a truck belonging to Indorama company. I think it was a kind of lack of patience or unprofessionalism on the side of the drivers.

“If there was professionalism, the drivers should have known the traffic laws and the safety precautions to put in place while driving because the life of the one driving is very important as well as others.

“The ongoing construction work on the road was also part of what caused the accident. The barricade and other preventive measures put in place by the construction company also made it difficult for some vehicles to escape when the accident ignited in flames.

“Therefore, since the road is under construction, the federal government should do well to fast-track the job. The construction company should also prioritize safety precautions while the construction work is ongoing, especially in the traffic aspect.

“Drivers too need to also apply safety precautions when they are on that road, knowing fully well that the road is under construction for now.

“So, as the government is expected to do its own part, drivers should also do their own part to save their lives and those of others.

“That road is a very high economic spot as regards Nigeria and Rivers State, harboring a high volume of companies and travelers which means it is a very serious area. So, more attention should be paid on that road.

“Once the Port Harcourt refinery begins its operation, we are going to have more busy trucks than we are having today on that road. So, work needs to be hastened up to complete the road construction as quickly as possible.”

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