In a surprising turn of events, the saga surrounding Adenike Adewodun, the young lady who allegedly took her own life after confessing to engaging in disturbing behavior on the podcast, has taken a bizarre twist.

Nollywood actress and podcaster, Abiola Adebayo, recently revealed that Adewodun had faked her death to evade public scrutiny and legal repercussions.

Adebayo, made this known in a statement via her Instagram Page. According to Adebabyo, after Adewodun’s supposed death was reported, attempts to offer condolences and support were met with suspicious inconsistencies, which promoted further investigation, eventually leading to the discovery of Adewodun’s staged death.

The actress expressed deep emotional pain over the incident, noting how her team had been distraught and confused while mourning Adewodun’s fabricated death. Adebayo detailed efforts made by her team to verify the story, including speaking with Adewodun’s alleged relatives and tracing the purported hospital, where she was said to have been treated.

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Subsequently, the matter was reported to the Nigerian Police Force, resulting in the arrest of Adewodun and her accomplice, who had announced her death.

Adewodun confessed to orchestrating the faked incident, citing overwhelming backlash following her podcast appearance as the motive. She admitted that fear of repercussions and recognition had driven her to declare her demise falsely.

Abiola Adebayo wrote on her Instagram page:

Press Statement

Miss Adenike Adewodun’s ‘Fake Death’ Antics

Our attention has been drawn to various reactions that have trailed the death of our guest on ‘Talk to B’, Miss Adenike; quite expectedly, but these are the facts.

  1. Talk to B is a tell-it-all-all podcast created by award-winning actress, Dr Abiola Adebayo to provide a listening ear for those who need someone to talk to, or assist in crowdfunding for those who seek help.

  2. We’ve done 65 episodes so far and in the course of that we’ve offered free therapy and help for many to get back on their feet and crowdfunded for several. (Evidences are on our social media)

  3. The case of Miss Adenike, while tragic, is a learning curve for us. She sent a message and was asked to come and we offered to get her therapy and all but she freaked out and in a very devilish and ungodly manner faked her death.
    Sure, here is the transcribed text from the photo:

  4. After the fake death news, we tried to locate her house to express our deepest condolences properly but it was difficult even to pen a condolence letter, and the presenter and producer Abiola Adebayo was both emotionally and mentally disturbed for days.

  5. In the course of properly mourning her, we noticed some discrepancies in what her so-called ‘sister’ was telling us and what her friend was saying because we felt something was amiss. We dispatched the Director of the show on a fact-finding mission who spoke with the friend before he traced the hospital where she was supposed to have been treated and we were told there and then that she didn’t die.

  6. After this discovery, a petition was written by our attorney to the police to complain about the situation and promptly, the Police investigated and arrested both Nike and her friend. The Police were also sent to prosecute, and upon interrogation, Nike, who admitted that she was the one who approached Biola for the interview said she freaked out because people recognized her and said she felt that if she lied that she was dead Biola would remove the video. Police asked her if she reached out to Biola to remove the video at any point, and she said no. Her mother who was there at the station corroborated the story and said indeed the story she narrated at the interview of abuse was real.

  7. After full consultations and deep thinking, Dr Abiola Adebayo has decided not to prosecute but will still help with her therapy and rehabilitation.

  8. Tomorrow we shall upload a full confession of her, her friend, and her mom this weekend. We apologize to our numerous viewers whose sensibilities might have been offended by this drama.

  9. Finally, this shall be our last public communication on this matter. All further inquiries should be to the Nigerian Police Force.
    Click here to watch the confession video

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