Daniella Peters, a well-known contestant from the reality TV show Big Brother Naija, recently revealed a terrifying experience where she narrowly escaped an attempted kidnapping by a ride-hailing driver in Abuja.

She explained that after booking a ride through the inDrive app, she asked the driver to stop shortly after the ride began due to his suspicious behavior, which made her uncomfortable. Instead of stopping, the driver locked the car doors and started speeding.

“I was almost kidnapped by a cabbie. I booked an inDrive @indrive.ng ride in Abuja this morning literally like an hour ago. And I honestly was almost kidnapped. I had to jump out of the car. I asked the driver to stop and drop me almost immediately the ride started because of his state. It seemed extremely suspicious and made me very uncomfortable. He then locked the doors and started speeding. I opened the car manually and left the door wide open until I could jump out. I jumped out and he continued driving off. Please help me repost until I get justice!!! I am not okay,” Daniella wrote.

She also shared the profile of the driver, urging her followers to stay vigilant and be cautious when using ride-hailing services.

In a follow-up post on Instagram, Peters thanked the public for their prompt response to her SOS and assured her fans of her safety.

“Hello everyone, I am making this video to address my last post concerning near kidnapping experience that I encountered last week Friday. I want to thank everyone who has shown concern by commenting, calling, and tagging the necessary organizations to ensure that this matter was handled urgently. I have been to the police station and back to the hospital. I thank the police for handling this matter thoroughly. As we speak, the cab driver has confessed to everything I said.”

Captioning the video, she wrote, “I’m now safe and recovering. God bless you all. Be safe.”

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