E-money and Kcee vow to pick up Junior Pope’s three sons and take care of them as they grow up, at the funeral with his brother, singer Kcee, who publicly promised to support all three children of the late actor Junior Pope.

The late movie star tragically died in a boating accident in April and was laid to rest on May 17, attended by many of his colleagues and A-list celebrities, all dressed in black to reflect the darkness. the atmosphere of the events was really gloomy.

E-Money emphasized that their gesture was not to show off, but rather a way to fulfill Junior Pope’s last wishes to ensure a bright future for his children.

They said:

“First of all, may his gentle soul rest in peace. On behalf of my brother and my friends here, we want to apologize to the family. The younger Pope was a blessing to this generation; he was a lovely guy, content, and someone we will not forget in this generation.

It was a shocking story when we heard that we lost him because he was like blood to us.

I have a message for everyone here today: be sure to touch life before you leave; it is very important. Some of us take it for granted; when we lost this young man, many people messed up a lot, but let’s remind ourselves if we were in his position.

Thank you to everyone who showed love and support in their own small way. For the family, my brother KCee is the godfather of the first boy,

My brother told me that we will have three children and take them until they grow up. Today we say publicly that we are ready to take care of children at a level they can handle themselves. When it comes to food, clothes, shoes, and vacations, we would. We don’t do that to show off, but for the last comment he said “Na only me my mama born and I get 3 children and na me go train them”; these words cannot leave my heart and we took it upon ourselves to support the family.

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