In yet another instance of his high-stakes gambling habit going awry, Canadian rapper Drake has taken a significant financial hit. The music superstar lost $565,000 after betting on Tyson Fury to defeat Oleksandr Usyk in their much-anticipated heavyweight boxing match. This loss is the latest in a series of big-money bets that have not gone in Drake’s favor.

Ahead of the fight, Drake shared on Instagram that he had placed a hefty wager of $565,000 on Fury. He stood to win over $1 million if the British boxer had clinched the victory.

However, the match, held in Saudi Arabia, ended with Usyk triumphing by split decision. This victory made Usyk the first undisputed heavyweight boxing champion in 24 years, adding Fury’s WBC title to his own collection, which already included the WBA, IBF, and WBO belts.

Drake’s gambling losses are not new. Earlier, he lost a substantial amount when Anthony Joshua knocked out Francis Ngannou, a result that caught many by surprise. Additionally, he lost another $700,000 after Dricus Du Plessis defeated Sean Strickland at UFC 297. These instances highlight Drake’s penchant for high-risk bets, often sharing his wagers with his followers on social media.

Drake’s involvement in gambling, particularly in sports events, has been a topic of interest among his fans and the media.

While some admire his fearless approach to betting, others view his losses as cautionary tales about the unpredictability and potential downsides of gambling. Despite these setbacks, Drake continues to engage in high-stakes bets, showcasing both his enthusiasm for sports and his willingness to take significant financial risks.

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