Chief of Staff to Rivers State Governor Reveals Bribery Attempt for Impeachment

In a startling revelation, Edison Ehie, the Chief of Staff to Rivers State Governor Sim Fubara, recently disclosed that he was approached with a bribe to orchestrate the impeachment of the governor. Speaking candidly in the Ahoada East area of Rivers State over the weekend, Ehie revealed the shocking details of the bribery attempt.

Despite the tempting offer of money, Ehie made it clear that he refused to succumb to the unethical proposal. “They invited me, your son, to impeach the governor, and I told them clearly, I was not interested,” he affirmed. He further disclosed that he turned down the money that was offered to him, ultimately leading to repercussions as he was declared wanted for his refusal to comply with their demands.

Although the identities of those behind the bribery attempt were not revealed by Ehie, the situation sheds light on the murky world of politics and corruption. This revelation comes amidst a tumultuous period in Rivers State politics, with reports of lawmakers attempting to impeach Governor Fubara.

The tumult reached a climax in October 2023 when an explosion rocked the state assembly building, coinciding with the reported impeachment efforts. The Martin Amaewhule-led lawmakers lodged criminal complaints against Ehie with the Rivers State Police Command regarding the invasion and arson of the Rivers State House of Assembly chambers by unidentified individuals.

Ehie’s courageous decision to reject the bribe and expose the attempted manipulation underscores the importance of integrity and transparency in governance. It serves as a reminder of the challenges faced in upholding democratic principles and resisting corruption within political systems.

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