The 32-year-old musician disclosed that he deeply cherishes the love he receives from his mother, Bose Ogulu, as well as his father. He expressed his desire to extend even more love and affection to his future children.

Burna Boy asserted that if he had desired to have children but faced infertility, he would have pursued options like In-vitro Fertilization (IVF) or other scientific methods.

In his words, “Why I haven’t had kids yet because I don’t want to have kids. Like have you seen my operation, have you seen my mom the way she loves me and my dad the way he loves me but I know I can’t give that to no one right now with the life I live”.

“When I am settled, then I can be there for my children every single day, every minute, That’s just me, I feel like my kids deserve more than I got and I got both my mom and dad.”

“I see the bants people put out there but it is not important. Let’s even say it’s true, let’s say I can’t have kids, know that there are some things called IVF and other scientific methods. You feel me but that’s not even true”.

His post triggered massive reactions online as social media users shared their thoughts online.

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