4 fun and chic ways to style your pleated skirt

Florence Uwaeme

Pleated skirts are simple, classy and beautiful skirts that we have come to love and accept and we bring you 4 fun and chic ways to style your pleated skirts while looking gorgeous at them.

Pleated skirts have been around for as long as skirts have been around.

A few years ago, in Nigeria especially, pleated skirts used to belong to a certain kind of people that lacked any sense of fashion or style. It was more of a religious outfit worn mostly by a particular female church member who made sure it became an unappealing fashion.

Until recently when the skirt came back to the fashion scene, it used to be for be ladies who lacked the ability to be stylish. But now, these skirts are worn by the high and glorious in fashion and almost every lady now has a pleated skirt in her wardrobe.

One of the cool things about this skirt is that they are easily styled and can be paired with anything at all that looks like a top or shirt; no matter what they look like.

Here are 4 fun and chic ways to style your pleated skirt

With a shirt

Pleated skirts can be styled with a shirt to get that formal/cooperate look. Ideal for office work or church service.

With a blazer

Blazers have a way of upgrading a casual look into something extra. Just as you can’t go wrong with a blazer, styling your pleated skirt with blazers gives that boss chic look that screams of class.

With a turtle-neck top

Styling your skirt with a turtle-neck top is one of the easiest ways to get that simple yet not so simple date night look.

With a cropped top

Cropped tops are a staple fashion item that is worn by all and sundry. Pair your pleated skirt with a cropped top and there you have that school girl look.