Top social media challenges of 2020

Florence Uwaeme
Last year, the Nigerian social media space was graced with different fun challenges that eased the miseries of the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.
Bop daddy challenge
This challenge was a total hit. I think it tops all other challenges. The challenge brought about the spirit of ‘slayage’ embedded in every individual.
Bop daddy challenge sets off with the Bop daddy song by Falz featuring Ms. Banks in the background with the performer transforming from a normal dress style to an elegant style just by using either a hair brush for the guys, or a powder brush for the ladies.
Flip the switch challenge
Flip the switch challenge was quite interesting a challenge as it saw partners exchange appearance just by a flip of the light switch.
Don’t leave me challenge
This particular challenge was initiated by Josh2funny, comedy skit maker and influencer.
The challenge is about stringing words that are mostly unconnected together while ending the sentence with a kind of rhyme.
Pillow challenge
The pillow challenge had people: both male and female wear a pillow as a dress aided by a belt. The more accessories you wear, the better.
This was one of the cutest of the challenges. As it gave room for the single pringles who had missed out on other challenges that included a partner. This challenge helped ease the boredom that was the lockdown.
The pillow challenge brought out the fashionista in every bored human out there.
The Slow-mo challenge
This particular challenge is still ongoing at the moment.
The slow-mo challenge has brought out the child in most participants as they try to walk in slow motion with a sound at the background, of course.
Which of these challenges was your favourite?