5 ways to reduce flabby arms

Florence Uwaeme

Flabby arms are what we refer to as ‘Christian mother arms’ in Nigerian slang.

It can be disheartening when you want to show off your arms in a sleeveless shirt, but you can’t because you are insecure about your arms.

These are ways to reduce it;

  1. Improve your diet
    You can’t be eating eba at 11 pm in the night and be expecting to have perfect arms. Half of weight loss is based on diet.

Cut down the calories and eat more vegetables. Alcohol is high in calories too, so drink less

One of the best meals to eat is salmon. Salmon has anti-inflammatory qualities as well as, omega-3 acid which helps you burn fat.

2. Eat protein

Protein shakes, and protein helps you tone your muscles. Try eating more protein-based meals or protein shakes after working out for the maximal effect.

  1. Use dumbbells and resistance bands

When you are exercising, use dumbbells, tie resistance bands around your arms and try bicep curls which is a way of working out with dumbbells.

4. Do cardio

Cardio includes running, jogging, swimming or any exercise that increases your heart rate. Cardio helps in burning fat generally, and that includes the arms.

5. The seated lat pulldown

This is an exercise done in a gym with a pulldown machine. This exercise helps you build the muscles in your biceps and strengthen the muscles in your shoulders.