Rivers State Governor Exposes Debt Burden from Previous Administration.

In a recent development, Rivers State Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, shed light on the daunting financial situation the state faces, attributing it to a hefty debt inherited from the prior administration led by Nyesom Wike. The revelation surfaced during the commissioning of the Aleto-Ogale-Ebubu-Eteo Road, commonly known as Old Bori Road, in Eleme Local Government Area.

Governor Fubara’s remarks underscored the ongoing political rift between him and Wike, who also serves as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory. Despite efforts at intervention, notably from President Bola Tinubu, tensions persist between the two leaders, manifesting in what appears to be a protracted cold war.

Contrary to claims by Wike of leaving the state debt-free, Governor Fubara disclosed that many projects initiated by the previous administration remain unsettled financially. He emphasized that contractors for these projects, lacking full funding, are revisiting the authorities for outstanding payments, plunging the state further into financial turmoil.

While refraining from providing an exact figure of the state’s debt, Governor Fubara felt compelled to address the issue amidst mounting pressure from critics. He emphasized the importance of transparency, revealing that the commissioned road project was fully settled at a cost of N6.7 billion, with no outstanding payments to the contractor.

“Most of the projects commissioned (by the last administration), the contractors are still coming for their balance payments running into millions and billions. I have said I don’t want to talk because I am part of that system but when they keep pushing me, I will say it so that we will see the nyansh of the fowl.

“But let us leave that one until when they are ready,
we will also be ready. The small one we are doing now, they are not sleeping, I wonder what will happen when we do the big one.

“The Problem we have is accumulated debts from the past government.”
Governor Fubara also said he invited his Abia State
counterpart, Alex Otti to commission the project,
stating that he is committed to aligning with
progressive figures,” he said.

Highlighting his commitment to inclusive governance, Governor Fubara invited Alex Otti, his counterpart from Abia State, to inaugurate the project, emphasizing a dedication to collaborating with progressive figures. Otti commended Fubara’s leadership approach, emphasizing service to the people over narrow interests.

In conclusion, despite the political turmoil engulfing Rivers State, Governor Fubara remains resolute in tackling the state’s fiscal challenges head-on, with a determination to prioritize the welfare of its citizens above all else.

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