River State Governor, Sim Fubara receives Abia state Governor, Dr. Alex C. Otti ahead of the commissioning of the reconstructed Aleto-Ebubu-Eteo (Old Port Harcourt-Bori) Road.

Rivers State Governor, Siminilayi Fubara, warmly received his Abia State counterpart, Dr. Alex C. Otti, in a courtesy visit ahead of the highly anticipated commissioning of the reconstructed Aleto-Ebubu-Eteo Road (formerly Old Port Harcourt-Bori Road). This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone in the efforts to enhance regional infrastructure and strengthen the bond between the two states.

The reconstructed road, a major artery connecting Port Harcourt, Eleme, and Bori, is expected to have a profound impact on the economic and social development of the state. The project, a testament to the visionary leadership of the Rivers State Governor, aims to improve transit, facilitate trade, and enhance the overall quality of life for residents and commuters of the region.

The visiting Governor was met with a boisterous and antsy crowd at the Eleme Local Government area during which he exchanged pleasantries in Ibo demonstrating brotherhood with the welcoming Governor.

It bears mentioning that for onlookers and observers, the commissioning of the reconstructed Aleto-Ebubu-Eteo Road is a significant achievement, demonstrating the dedication of the Governor to improving the lives of Rivers citizens with no better man to commission the project than his Abia state counterpart who shares similar citizen-centric goals.

X users have also been praising the development, with @n6oflife6 commenting, “Alex Otti, the current best performing Governor in Nigeria, insists on riding around in an Innoson Made in Nigeria vehicle. Love to see it.” Another user, @kinglyrex, exclaimed, “The joy I get whenever I see Otti eh.. Kai.. Come to ABA and see what he’s doing..”

These reactions highlight the positive impact of the reconstructed road by Governor Fubara and the admiration for Governor Otti’s commitment to promoting local industries and development in Abia State.

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