Fubara vows to probe Rivers state Governance 

Siminalayi Fubara, the governor of Rivers State, has announced that he will appoint a panel of inquiry to investigate the state’s governance issues. 

Fubara revealed this during Dagogo Iboroma’s swearing-in and oath-taking ceremony as the state’s Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice.

“Why are we bringing you here at this crucial juncture? Numerous problems surround us. It is our belief that you will not be the one to file a “nolle prosequi” or something that would kill us here when they send you service.” Fubara declared: “So, Dagogo Iboroma, my brother, you are going to be our beloved State’s new Attorney-General. SSG, hand him his letter.”

He begged the incoming attorney general not to disappoint the state, emphasizing that there were many legal issues facing the state at the time that needed to be handled bravely and courageously.

The governor also criticized remarks made recently by Prof. Zacchaeus Adangor, SAN, the former Attorney General of the State and Justice Commissioner. Prof. Adangor resigned from his cabinet more than two weeks ago, and in his remarks, he encouraged the incoming Attorney General to protect the state.

It’s not the one that… all you do is undermine the administration,” stated Rivers State’s current governor. You came to appear before a magistrate court, Chief Law Officer. You were breaking the rules of your position as a Chief Law Officer at the time, but you were unaware of that. “You have a big task,” the governor said to the newly appointed AG. As it is today in the local parlance, they say the jungle has matured. We will be setting up a panel of inquiry to investigate the affair of governance.”

The governor continued, “If we disagree, no matter how bad it is, it should be resolved,” adding that there had been a calculated attempt to undermine his government. However, it is now abundantly evident that there is no progress being made on this debate, and there is ample proof of intentional sabotage of this administration for a variety of reasons. “Perhaps they are telling them from where they are that nothing will happen, but it is occurring right now, and our own lawmakers are carrying out their constitutionally mandated duty. Thus, that record is in jeopardy.

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