Bbnaija Phyna slams Apostle Femi Lazarus over recent sermon .

Big Brother Naija star Phyna disagreed with a recent sermon by Apostle Femi Lazarus of the Sphere of Light Church. In a viral video, Lazarus argued that women who lack a father figure growing up tend to be more sexually promiscuous. “When a girl has not experienced a father’s love, she becomes sexually loose,” Lazarus said.

Phyna took issue with this viewpoint and shared examples from her own life to illustrate the opposite. She revealed that she grew up without a father but did not display such behavior.

Quoting the preacher’s words, Phyna acknowledged she could have wrongly generalized things in the past, but now knows better. She explained that despite not having a father figure, she grew up well and was not sexually loose. Phyna added that she was 19 years old and nearing the end of her National Youth Service when she first became pregnant.

In summary, Phyna disagreed with Apostle Lazarus’s claim that women without father figures are prone to sexual promiscuity. She shared her own counterexample of growing up fatherless yet abstaining from such behavior. Phyna admitted to previously making generalizations but has since realized the flaws in stereotyping women in this way.

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