Nigerian music sensation, Ayra Starr, recently shared her exhilarating experience of meeting Barbadian icon Rihanna, expressing astonishment that the Grammy-winning superstar was familiar with her work.

In an exclusive interview with BuzzFeed, Ayra Starr recounted the momentous encounter, describing it as her “biggest celeb story.” The meeting took place at the Authentic Woman event in London, where the young artist had the opportunity to personally interact with Rihanna. Overwhelmed by the experience, Ayra Starr expressed her disbelief at Rihanna’s recognition of her, emphasizing, “And she loves me, she knew me. That was the most amazing part of it. She knew me. It was so amazing.”

Recalling the interaction, Ayra Starr revealed that Rihanna expressed interest in collaborating with her, extending a similar offer to fellow Nigerian artist Tems. The prospect of working with Rihanna, a global icon and trendsetter, has undoubtedly sparked excitement within the Nigerian music scene.

As Ayra Starr continues to make waves with her music, the prospect of a collaboration with Rihanna holds immense potential for both artists, promising a fusion of talent and creativity that could captivate audiences worldwide.

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