Asari to Nwanosike: You’re a ‘koro koro’ thief

Niger Delta ex-agitator, Asari Dokubo has described the Ikwerre Local Government Chairman, Samuel Nwanosike as a thief.

This comes weeks after Nwanosike called the ex-agitator an illiterate who is not a match to the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike.

Nwanosike in the post on his official Facebook page also said the ex-militant cannot intimidate himself to the government house.

He said: “Today, I was hearing one young man who said he’s a former militant. He said his name is Asari Dokubo, a compound illiterate that don’t know where he comes from.

“He had the tenacity to come and say that Nyesom Wike is building ten bridges that have no economic benefits for Rivers people.

“It’s only an illiterate that will say the flyovers are an economic waste. He has just fooled himself to the world, Asari Dokubo has just fooled himself.

“He’s making noise that in 2023 he’ll cease power by force. In Ikwere Local government here, we are unmovable. Are we movable?

“We have lions and tigers in Ikwere local government. We don’t need to talk, when the time comes for the election, let Asari leave Asari Toru local government and come to Ikwere and face us so that he’ll know the kind of people he’s meeting with.

“Nyesom Wike no dey in level. Asari na toy to Nyesom Wike, Asari na Cockroach to Nyesom Wike. Asari dey learn work.

“If he wan see, make him learn work, Ikwere people, dem go teach am work. Nobody can intimidate Rivers people, nobody can intimidate Ikwere people.

“Today in this Rivers state, the four Ikwere local government, the 60 Ikwere speaking communities are loyal to Nyesom Wike and we are ready to follow him anywhere he goes to. Whichsoever direction Nyesom Wike face we’ll follow him. Asari, listen and listen to me, my name is Nwanosike Samuel, we’re not afraid of you.

“The other day he declared the customary country of the Biafra people in Nigeria. Well, we’re waiting for President Muhammadu Buhari if he will not do what he is supposed to do because enough is enough for that Asari Dokubo.

“We are all Rivers people, nobody is more Rivers than any other person. Asari Dokubo, he said he’s a militant, he kills people, he does this and that. He’s a complete 419, are you hearing me? He has misled a lot of youths for his own personal gain. Rivers people are wiser now”.

But speaking in a video posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday, Dokubo said the LGA chairman is a common criminal.

He said that he had never been in government but Nwanosike has been eating the collective commonwealth of the people.

He said Nwanosike lacks the requisite qualification to talk where his presence.

Dokubo, however, dared the LGA chairman for a debate, saying he will defeat him in his area of specialization.

According to Dokubo, Nwanosike does not add any value to society other than stealing public money.

He said that Nwanosike has brought no development to his LGA, adding that he does not sleep in Ikwerre due to insecurity and underdevelopment.