Port Harcourt Pastors Now Run Secret Baby Factories

By Kelechi Esogwa-Amadi

It seems that the craving for riches by men of God in Nigeria has taken another dimension. Information reaching TPCN suggests that some pastors in Port Harcourt are now running secret baby factories through which they produce and sell babies to make money.

According to a reliable source who revealed this time TPCN yesterday in Port Harcourt, these pastors run these baby factories as part of the welfare department of their ministries.

The source further disclosed that in some ministries, the department is referred to as ‘Help Ministry.’

These pastors, the source explained, render different types of help to young girls under the pretext of doing God’s work through their welfare or help ministry.

Some of the help, the source further revealed, include the provision of accommodation, feeding, medical care, clothing and counselling services.

The welfare ministry also runs prison visitation services, TPCN learnt.

According to the source, the pastors sometimes hire apartments in secluded places where they accommodate the girls and feed them while the girls attend their ministries from there.

The source explained further: “Sometimes they send these girls to go and live with their female members that are still single and they will be paying the house rent. At times too, these pastors build houses somewhere and put these girls there but people won’t know that the buildings belong to the pastors. When these girls get pregnant, the pastors, through their workers who are taking care of these buildings, will arrange and take the girls to hospitals when they’re due for delivery. From there they will arrange for the babies to be sold off.

“Sometimes, the girls will return to the ministry and sometimes they will leave from the hospital or maternity. But some of these pastors or prophets also have maternities that they are running as a ministry. The Pastors’ wives oversee these maternities but sometimes they also employ midwives,” the source explained.

TPCN investigation later revealed that some men and women of God in Port Harcourt operate motherless babies homes and use them as a cover to run baby factories.

It was gathered that this is the reason while privately-owned motherless babies homes are littered all over Port Harcourt.

There are fears that the trend might be on the increase in the near future because of the booming human trafficking business in the world today.