The wonders of boobs tape

Florence Uwaeme

Boob tapes are one of the most important fashion items at the moment and every fashionable lady should have in her wardrobe.

If you belong to the cleavage-showing group of fashionistas, then you not having a boob tape is considered a fashion offense. You know, how you see those female celebrities with cleavage plunging dresses or barebacked dresses yet there is no sign of a bra. There is no bra to show because they are not wearing any. That is the wonders of a boob tape.

Boob tapes are one fashion item that is getting the most attention at the moment because of its obvious relevance.

Imagine wearing a barebacked dress with the back of your bra on display! Or wearing that deep plunging cleavage top or dress with a bra! That would definitely be an I saw, wouldn’t it?

Different ways to wear a boob tape

Depending on the type of dress or top you intend wearing, the boob tape can be worn in different styles and shapes.

If you are wearing a bareback top or dress, your boob tape should be worn at just the front of the body.

The boob tape comes in different shades that make it possible for one to choose the colour that rhymes with your skin colour .

If you are yet to own a boob tape, it is advised you get yourself one because boob tapes save the day and we are glad it here for us all.