Suspense In Buguma As Asari-Toru Awaits New Chairman

… Wike Expected To Swear In Vice-Chairman Soonest

By Kelechi Esogwa-Amadi

Following the untimely death of their former chairman, the people of Asari-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State are now expecting the emergence ọ fa new chairman to keep piloting the affairs of their LGA.

In Buguma, headquarters of Asari-Toru LGA, there is heightened suspense among the residents over whom the state governor, Nyesom Wike, will decide to appoint as the next chairman of the LGA.

However, the majority of the indigenes believe that Governor Nyesom Wike will swear in the vice-chairman of the LGA, Mrs John-Bull Obi, to succeed the late chairman, Chief Hon. Odiari Princewill, in line with the Constitution of the country.

Speaking to TPCN on Sunday, 21st June 2020, an indigene Buguma, Ibinabo Victor, said they are expecting Governor Nyesom Wike to swear in the Vice-chairman of their LGA any moment from Monday.

He said there was no need for anyone to think that another person apart from the vice-chairman of the LGA, Mrs John-Bull Obi.

Ibinabo added: “All things being equal, Mrs Obi could be sworn in as our next chairman tomorrow or any day within this week. Some people are saying that governor may decide to appoint another person chairman but I think they’re misinformed.
By the provisions of our constitution, the vice-chairman is the right person to succeed our late chairman and Governor Wike knows the Constitution. So, we’re hoping that she would be sworn in this week so that we can have another chairman.”

Another indigene of Asalga, Gift West, said a timely swearing-in of their vice-chairman would help the LGA to move forward.

“We had thought that she would be sworn in last week but unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Let’s hope it will be done this week so that our LGA can move forward like other LGAs. Right now nothing is working in Asalga because there is no leadership. Our vice can’t act as chairman until she’s sworn in. There are many things that need to be done like payment of workers and all that. Everything is standstill for now.”

TPCN could not reach the Asalga vice chairman for comments. But one of her aides told TPCN not to bother looking for her.

The aide said: “There’s no need trying to reach her because she won’t talk for now. The atmosphere is highly tensed as we’re still mourning our late chairman.”