COVID-19: KAGOTE lauds Wike’s proactiveness

The Apex Socio-cultural Organization of Ogoni, KAGOTE has commended the Rivers State Government in its effort to fight against the spread of Coronavirus disease.

A statement signed by the President of KAGOTE, Emmanuel Deeyah, stated that the effort of Governor Nyesom Wike led administration has been very phenomenal and has brought outstanding results for the good of the state.

The statement, therefore, called on all community leaders, stakeholders in Ogoni land and all those living and doing business in Rivers State to unite against the common enemy, by working in synergy with the state government to observe all rules and guidelines given as preventive measures in the fight of COVID 19.

According to the statement, KAGOTE recognizes the necessary sense of emergency demonstrated by His Excellency in protecting the state, stressing that the Apex Socio-cultural Organization of Ogoni, is delighted with efforts that have been put in place by the government to cushion the impact of the lockdown on its people particularly the weak and vulnerable.

The statement further said that Rivers people and Ogonis will definitely come out better and stronger from the COVID 19 crisis.