Rivers women vow to mob husbands who beat wives

By Brave Dickson

Women group in Rivers State has come out to say enough of rape and domestic violence against women, insisting that any man or boy who beats a woman whether his wife or not should be mobbed by women.

The state President of the National Council for Women Society, Hon. Sheila Abiye who dropped the hint during an interview with our correspondent said now is the time women should unite against men who rape or beat women.

She charged women to always come together and mob any man who beats a woman, maintaining that such action will send a warning signal to men never to raise their hands on women again.

According to her: “We the women should stand on our ground because most times, we seem to be the cause of our problem.

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“For instance, in some traditions, if a husband dies, they will accuse the wife of being responsible and her fellow women will be the ones to beat and pack out her belongings from her late husband’s house.

“If women are united, even the men will be scared of beating their wives for fear of being mobbed by their wives’ fellow women.

“You will see a husband beating his wife, boyfriend beating his girlfriend and even a 60yrs old man raping a girl of 5yrs old which is not fair at all.

“So, I advise women to sit up and fight all forms of violence against women in order for it to stop.”