Go Round fc declares war on opponents ahead of second round of NPFL

Ugochukwu Iwuchukwu

As the second round of the Nigeria Professional Football League kicks off on Sunday, March 24, 2019, the battle cry at the Krisdera Hotel Stadium, Omoku is Valar Morghulis.

Taken from the popular Television Series, Game of Thrones, Valar Morghulis is a Braavosi term for “All Men Must Die!”

But for the battling midfielder, Morice Chukwu, All clubs must fall at Lion’s den.

Chukwu, speaking shortly after return from Yobe where they lost 2-0 to Yobe Dessert Stars said their target is to win every game played at home in the 2nd round of the League starting from Sunday’s return fixture against the Stars.

“We assure our fans that we will win Sunday’s game against Yobe Desert Stars. We will not just win, but we will score goals,” Chukwu said.

“At some point, we were third on the table but we are now seventh and none of us is happy about it. The best way upwards is to keep winning at home and away but we start from the home game this weekend.

“And it is not just this weekend’s home game we are after but every other game played at home this season.”

After winning 1-0 at Gombe United, the team surprisingly lost 2-0 to Yobe Dessert Stars on Sunday, March 17, a game many thought they could get a result.

Chukwu points at fatigue as responsible for the loss.

“I will not lie, it was fatigue. Not that we couldn’t have won that game, we could. But fatigue affected us. That is all I can say for now. I just believe that our performances will get better at home and even on the road.”

Go Round FC have won four games this season, drawn three and lost four.