Tessy International Schools


Tessy International Schools was founded in 1999 by late Dr (Mrs) T. I Fadero, with the support of her husband Mr S. I Fadero.

Her concept of the School was based on a wide range of experiences gathered over the years teaching in various schools at home, and through contact with other institutions of learning in Europe and America.

One particular school she was very grateful to was The Academy of Our Lady in Chicago, Ilinois, USA, to which she paid an extensive visit to in 1988. Some of the ideas gathered during her visit and through discussions with the principal and staff of the institution have been used in the development of Tessy.

Tessy International Schools is an institution aimed at creating an academic community engaged in the pursuit of human and academic excellence. The boys and girls, together with their teachers and administrators, endeavor to achieve their best at all times, with an excellent education being the foundation. It’s a school with an up-to-date facilities to make learning interesting for your kids.

At Tessy, the goal is to educate every child to their full potential so that they can develop academically, mentally, morally, spiritually and physically.

The school also support the parents and guardians of its students as much as possible, recognizing that they are the first educators of the children.

Tessy Alumni comprises of university graduates and post graduates from different disciplines who are making waves in the society. It is a school where a dull child can pick up immediately because of the academic excellence and high level of competition in being the best. The school has extra curriculum activities that exposes the students to areas where they are good at so as not to have problem with their career choices.
In Tessy, your child’s future is secured. Rush on to register your wards!!!