iPhone Xc: Is Apple Bending To Competition?


The iPhone Xc just surfaced – a smaller and less expensive replica of iPhone X.  Yes, it’s official from Apple but what’s the implications to Apple’s competitors? Yesterday, information leaked about next year’s  iPhones  coming with Bigger Batteries. So, is Apple beginning to bend to competition?

iPhone Xc specifications

The front TrueDepth camera, the A11 Bionic chipset, the rear vertical dual camera, bezelless design etc follow iPhone X. The back was designed with polycarbonate (plastic) rather than glass on the back panel of the iPhone Xc, not only a rich color, but also a lower cost than the iPhone X of the glass panel is realized. It is more resistant to falling shock than glass body. Wireless charging is also available due to the material used at the back.


Why the iPhone Xc?

It seems Apple wants to explore the midrange sector of smartphone users who have been constantly priced out by premium iPhone products. There are surely millions of people who’ll love to own an iPhone if it wasn’t pricy. The competition in the flagship sector of smartphone is highly heated so, the need for iPhone Xc. It won’t come that cheap though but a sign that Apple for once, is beginning to listen to the yearning of their fans. This new direction by Apple may also be the reason they are increasing the battery if the 2018 iPhones. The cry of many iPhone users for years now as a little more battery won’t hurt.

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Source: Smart Depot