RSG closes down some private schools in Port Harcourt

The Rivers State Commissioner of Education Dr. Tamunosisi Gogo-Jaja, in company of the Ministry’s permanent secretary and some directors, have closed down a school known as Britny Diamond Nursery and Primary school, on grounds of operating in an unconducive learning environment for children below the ages of seven.

Britny Diamond Nursery and primary school is a three-storey building which occupies only the second and third floor of the building while a business center and other businesses are carried out at the ground and first floor of the same building. Besides the building being a death threat to children, the environment is also dirty and noisy.

The commissioner while reacting to the situation said, “it is saddening that most proprietors do not put the safety or conducive nature of the environment in which they site schools before starting up their schools.

Dr. Tamunosisi Gogoe added that the safety of the children should be considered first before proprietors start up schools.

He also used the medium to warn private school owners in the state to adhere strictly to the policy and order guiding the educational sector in the state.

The Rivers State government, has warned that any private school that does not play by the rule would be sanctioned inline with the educational law.


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