Residents react over Atiku emergence as PDP party flag bearer

The just concluded PDP national convention that was held in Rivers State which produced Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the Presidential flag bearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has continue to incite reaction across the nation especially in Rivers State. TPCN reporter Lorine interviewed some residents of Port Harcourt, to know their opinions on what they think about the winner.

Mrs. Afabia Captain, said” Atiku’s emergence as the PDP presidential flag bearer, is divine, because he is the best force to contend and wrestle power from the hands of the president Buhari. Atiku is learned, he is enlightened, compared to President Buhari, he is a major employer of labour.
I prefer him to president Buhari because if Atiku becomes the president, security will be restored back to all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

I also do not want to join others to call him a Fulani man, no, Atiku is a Nigerian and I strongly believe, as the president of this nation, securing lives and properties will be his utmost priority.

I hear some people, saying he used his office as a vice president to Former president Obasanjo to steal, I wouldn’t agree to that allegation. Atiku is a businessman, he saw a business opportunity and he grabbed it, any other businessman, with good business IQ would have done same.

With Atiku, as a serious force to contend with Buhari in the 2019 presidential election, Nigerians will surely come out in mass to vote him in and vote out Buhari, whether they like it or not, our PVC must count this time around, like it happened in 2011, when all Nigerians came out in mass to vote for the former president Ebele Jonathan.” she said.

Also, Mr. Allen Samuel added ” Atiku, is knowledgeable, judging from his past experience as the vice president of this nation. He is not rational, he not an extremist, he is an employer of labour, I believe he will also revive the dead industries, especially in south-south, where he has most of his investment’s. He is a better candidate, compared to other presidential candidates.

Atiku, being the presidential candidate for PDP, I see Buhari not making it any more beyond 2019. Nigerians are sick and tired by the president Buhari led government. We need a better person, we need entrepreneurs, who are employers of labour, who are enlightened, that have humanity at heart and not a president that will intentionally ignore the unjust killing and suffering of his people. We don’t need person’s that will not adhere or respect court orders. We need people that have respect for the law,respect for humanity, people that know that we are one Nigeria, not people that don’t understand what it takes to live together as brothers and sisters. I strongly believe Atiku will consider all this facts in his governance.

This is the time, Nigerians have been waiting for, to vote out president Buhari with our PVC. We need to make due with our PVC’s come 2019. We have been hungry, we have been jobless, we are face with insecurity since president Buhari’s assumption as the president of this country.
We need to take president Buhari out of office because of his bad leadership, good a thing we have a better choice now, Alhaji Atiku”. He concluded.


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