Portharcourt shuts down for Rex Lawson.

It was happiness galore as artists serenaded fans with songs upon songs of the legendary Rex Lawson. The popular Garrison Junction in Portharcourt was locked down as fans trooped in from every part of the world to witness the first edition of Rexlaw Bration. Age did not matter. Those who were not born before the legendary Lawson died and had probably heard of him and his unique songs from their parents and relatives came in their numbers. The artists too were comprised of old skool performers and young artists making wave around the country. The Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, Portharcourt branch, put the show together to remember Lawson and his songs but more especially, his contributions to entertainment in Nigeria and Africa. Rex Jim Lawson was born in 1935 to an Igbo and Kalabari parents. He began singing at an early stage and played with notable bands of that era in Portharcourt before launching his own career. He is most remembered for crying on stage due to the emotional laden lyrics in his songs. Lawson’s career was cut short when he died in a car accident on his way to a show in Warri at the age of 36. Lawson lives and have become an inspiration to many artists across the country and beyond.



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